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recent update:
20 / 05 / 2019
Awesome website updates, features, deals, and shop designs are added on a daily basis
19/05/19, May, Sunday
  • This update will focus on making the website easier to understand for new visitors:
  • Short prices list will now be featured at the custom page instead of our cart system.
  • Returning customers will get exclusive access to the advanced cart system.
  • The advanced cart system will be accessible during the early consultation stage.
  • ArtBySaint's service is fully custom made, and planning will be escorted by our artist.
  • Stream Package page is now available with the most recommended beginners plan.
  • Cart system enhanced with a larger structure, spacing, text, and new buttons.
  • Added various other improvements and adjustments to the prices table categories.
  • Custom/contact page revamped with a new structure.
  • 20/05/19, Part 2: Various enhancements added to the package page.
  • 20/05/19, Part 2: Few navigation icons and buttons re-designed.
04/05/2019, May, Saturday
  • Various internal upgrades.
  • Website header re-vamped with a lovely new look and new menu.
  • Begin new project button added to the header.
  • Added more emotes art examples to the portfolio.
  • Direct communication methods will now show in custom/contact page only.
  • Various adjustments to the front page, and to the buttons at the bottom.
  • Recommended plans added to the top of the custom/contact page.