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recent update:
The ArtBySaint website has a daily maintenance routine
Awesome features, deals, and shop designs are added on a regular weekly basis
We are constantly working on enhancing our website's viewers and users experience
24/03/2019, March, Sunday
  • A large website update!.
  • Website header completely re-vamped.
  • Website footer adjustments.
  • Home page completely re-vamped.
  • Portfolio gallery completely re-vamped, home page version as well.
  • Contact methods completely re-vamped, now accessible on top of the website.
  • WhatsApp #: Clicking on the number will now open WhatsApp (WEB & MOBILE).
  • Various internal system improvements.
  • Left menu change: CONTACT to: COMMISSION.
  • Prices & commissions page: cart management enhancements for easier experience.
  • Prices & commissions page: cart price and contact form improvements.
  • Prices & commissions page: more details added to the logo deal.
  • Customers help center updated with more information.
20/03/2019, March, Wednesday
  • WhatsApp and Phone number now available as new communication method!
  • Home page adjustments with a cleaner structure, welcome text centered.
  • Home page will now show Saint's portfolio.
  • Various adjustments to the prices page, contact methods, and page flow.
  • Pricing table of the logo deals adjusted, added detailed "included" information.
  • Left menu is now split to two categories, page names re-sorted with a better flow.
  • Left menu change: PREMADES to: STORE.
  • Left menu change: PRICING to: PRICES.
  • Left menu change: UPDATES to: NEWS.
  • Left menu change: SUPPORT to: HELP.
17/02/2019, February, Sunday
  • Project delivery & download page has been completely re-done: new fresh look, useful info & links.
  • Unique premade designs sections are back, they're available via left website menu.
  • Pricing table has been completely re-adjusted with shorter view: products added, removed, refreshed.
  • Logo deals updated, and now features detailed information under the examples.
  • Custom game overlays deals updated, under the contact page.
  • Commissions disclaimer text made shorter, under the contact page.
  • Various adjustments to the left website menu, pages order re-sorted.
  • Website header re-done, looks cleaner now.
  • Website footer re-done, looks cleaner now.
  • Home page re-done, looks cleaner now.
  • News & updates page re-done, looks cleaner now.
  • Customer support page re-done, looks cleaner now.
  • Portfolio page received a bunch of structure improvements.
  • About page re-done, looks cleaner now (including better width adjustments).
  • Maintenance mode notice is now shorter and looks better.
  • The website cookies notice is now shorter and looks better.
  • ArtBySaint social media, twitter, PayPal logo moved from the header, to the footer.
  • Various other internal system enhancements.
  • Coming soon: example attachment for each product in the pricing list.
  • Wiped (archived) the website older website updates (in this news page) of past 2 months.