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My name is Edan (Eddie) Saint, and I am the lead designer and owner of the ArtBySaint studio
My website offers freelance graphics services designed at the most professional branding standards
Showcasing the largest variety of revamp options, that will cover all of your needs, all under one roof
My focus is art for gamers. I have 12 years of experience in digital art, design, illustration & animation
I am also a military veteran who served three years as a graphics designer... (...continue reading)

Logos Designer Emotes Artist Revamps , Overlays , Scenes , Alerts Animations
Commissions OPEN
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Real talk: I'm here to make things happen and I strive for perfection. Your hard earned money deserves quality treatment, and my studio aims highest for premium results. You'll get far if you open your mind and accept my experienced guidance.
I genuinely want to make you stand out from the rest with unique channel art. No Templates or recycles, no amateur BS.

Creating Brands

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