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Digital Art By Edan Saint
Professional Stream Branding


My name is Edan (Eddie) Saint, and I am the lead designer and owner of the ArtBySaint studio
My website offers freelance graphics services designed at the most professional branding standards

I have 12 years of experience in digital art, design, illustration, animation & web development.
I am also a military veteran who served three years as a graphics designer.

Me and my staff are driven by passion for art, and we are fully dedicated to serve a client when needed.
I'm very selective about my target audience: clients who truly understand that quality doesn't come cheap.

I'm aiming for a personal & genuine connection when I meet a new client.
I'm a gamer, just like you. I genuinely understand the minds and needs of a streamer and a viewer.

I have had the privilege to work with thousands of gamers (both men & women) and businesses worldwide.
Utilizing my business and marketing experience I will help and guide you during your brand creation process.

I've been grinding & studying countless types of styles, techniques, and softwares my whole life.
I guarantee a quality service, premium experience, and top notch results beyond any expectations.

We strive for perfection down to the last pixel


• ArtBySaint is a registered business, and a full time studio
• We only use licensed software, client assets are fully drawn
• We self develop our website, project systems, scripts & tools
• We use the finest, high-end studio equipment & drawing tablets