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Stream is Offline backgrounds

The offline background is being shown when your stream is currently offline, and that is an image that you upload to Twitch.
This image is huge in terms of size, and contains a large amount of detail from your custom theme.
We may add an annotation that says, for example: "I'm currently offline, but join me next time!".

Special Scenes:

Many type of scenes can be used during a live stream.
The main scene is often the game scene, that has your monitor or game capture source with the game overlay, and everything that you are currently streaming.
Other special scenes could also be created and upgraded, for different type of games or situations that are currently going on.
Intermission scenes, for example.. could hide your desktop / pause the broadcast incase you are doing something that your viewers are not supposed to see (switching games, hosting a talk show, not playing a game, and other)

Here's a short list of few of the most common scenes:


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