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Deep Twitch Box

Category:Stream Decorations
Collection:Deep (browse all similar)
R. Resolution:1920x1080 (Suggested stream res or below)
Files that you get:Decoration (1)
Files type provided:HD, Transparent Background, Image (.PNG)
Suggested position:Generic - Anywhere
Capital letters only:Please look at the preview on the right
Delivery time: Estimated between 1-9 hours.
Design Description:A moveable decorative box with your twitch handle and icon
Colors available:Any color!
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Design Price:

Design Preview

» Preview image quality: compressed by ~70%
» Original product image quality: FULL HD (1080p / 720p)
» Does not require Twitch partnership to use this design
» Works with OBS, OBS Studio, XSplit (Free, Paid)

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The surrounding colors such as Metallics, Whites, Blacks, will not be affected.
Meaning: If the preview has Tints or Accents of Pink, everything that's Pink will be changed.
Read product disclaimer below for more information!

Disclaimer - Please Acknowledge!

1) Make sure you customize the design before you click add to cart and never leave empty text fields - it could cause delivery delays!
2) The download will not be instantly available, only when it's ready - there are delivery times and patience will be needed.
3) You will be redirected to PayPal secure checkout with the option to organize your cart before placing the order.
4) Files will be sent to your PayPal email address when they are ready, If your address is inactive fill this form after you checkout
5) Fonts Disclaimer: Fonts we use are tagged as 100% free for commercial use, mostly under SIL Open Font License (OFL).
6) We do sell, redistribute, touch, or edit the actual font (and most definitely not the font software) that is used in a design.
7) We do not claim any type of special rights or designer credit for fonts that we use in our designs.
8) PSD or source files files are not included mostly due to font's license limitations, and for other various reasons.
9) You may use the purchased goods in your own channel, but you are not allowed to pass them on to others, distribute or resell online, for free or paid. If you like a product, buy it fair and square - as any other attemp to get our designs are considered as theft!
10) Avoid ordering a product if you lack the knowlege needed to install it - there is no special warranty and we cannot refund a design that was dispatched & delivered to the buyer for that reason - our virtual goods are created by experienced designer and they simply work as they should. we cannot refund a design "just because you don't need it" the next day.
11) ArtBySaint hold the right to refresh pricing at any time - during sales, special days or holidays, and tax or product price revaluations.
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Useful Information

• Once you order - we handle the rest... we edit, prepare, and send over to you
• If your nickname is long, we will make it fit during the creation process
• Nickname are case sensitive - previews shows if it's uppercase or lowercase only
• Preview image quality is compressed! product quality exceeds many expectations!
• Cameras Frames: You will be able to move the camera frame part as you desire
• Cameras Frames: The inner background in frames is an optional bonus design file
• Designs will NOT be removed - the service is available at lower cost and quick delivery
• Read the product specifications above before you order


For quick consultancy about this design, fill this short form and ask a question - our staff will contact via email soon as possible.
We suggest waiting until we reply back before you purchase.

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• We do sell, redistribute, touch, or edit the actual font (and most definitely not the font software) that is used in a design.
• We do not claim any type of special rights or designer credit for fonts that we use in our designs.
• Fonts we use tagged as 100% free for commercial use, mostly under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
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