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What's new?

  • Contact methods at front page redesigned.
  • Scroller added to the front page premade logos shop.
  • x12 Fresh new premade logos added to the shop database!
  • More footer improvements.
  • Custom commissions page highlighted rules adjustments, contact methods box improved.
  • Custom commissions page improvements, created new structure for personal logo deals.
  • Custom pricing table has been revamped with a new look and now has better spacing.
  • Home page welcome box improvements.
  • A premade logos mini shop will now be featured at the front page.
  • Website footer improvements.
  • Minor website menu changes.
  • Minor news page adjustments.
  • Other internal website upgrades.
  • Wiped all of the past website updates from this section from the past year.
  • The news page has been revamped & re-organized.
  • ArtBySaint Tweets box added to front page next to the stream.
  • The left menu has been revamped, re-organized & improved.
  • Various changes to the front page for more organized look.
  • The contact page has been completely revamped, featuring direct contact methods only.
  • Building a cart form will only be provided during the consultancy stage.
  • Services & prices in the prices table has been re-adjusted.
  • Prices table upgraded with new services, better items order and price adjustments.
  • Logo deals box in prices table has been completely revamped for easier understanding.
  • We have finished working on a new amazing tool for project planning and price quotes.
  • Website footer revamped for a cleaner look.
  • Premade Logos shop upgraded with a new look for easier browsing experience.
  • Premade Emotes Emotes shop upgraded with a new look for easier browsing experience.

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