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What's new?

02/01/2018 [Announcement] Happy new year! Sincerely, the @ArtBySaint staff.
This our largest and most complex website update from this quarter.
And as always, we're releasing constant updates in order to improve our service for both new and returning customers, aiming towards easier and more convenient user navigation.
• [Website] Christmas decorations removed.
• [Website] Top website navigation removed.
• [Website] Introducing a brand new section-color-split navigation on the left of the website.
• [Website] All of the website pages will now show in a different structure with the left nav.
• [Website] Home page revamped.
• [Website] Testimonials page refreshed.
• [Website] Many other upgrades and adjustments.
• [Website] Saint's stream will now show on the left navigation, at the bottom.
• [Custom section] Portfolio structure revamped, combined examples to one big page.
• [Custom section] Contact page / pricing table re-adjusted to match the new structure.
• [Custom section] Pricing page will now be called "Commission Saint".
• [Custom section] Additional contact methods will now feature on a separate "contact" page.
• [Premade section] Logos and emotes section will now show 4 products per line.
• [Premade section] Logos and emotes product box re-organized with a new structure.
• [Premade section] Stream Designs section revamped with a new header structure.
• [Premade section] View Cart will now show up while browsing the Stream Designs section.
• [Premade section] x2 New premade logos are now available for purchase.
• Additional website updates incoming soon..
• [Website] News link in navigation will now show a date of recent update.
• [Website] Dozens of browsing improvements for better user experience.
• [Custom section] Brand new examples in Edan's portfolio!
• [Premade section] Fixed category titles.
• [Premade section] The navigation will now show while browsing stream designs.
30/12/2017 • [Premade section] x13 New aewsome Logo Designs are now available for purchase.
• [Premade section] All premade sections will now organize products by date added.
25/12/2017 • [Announcement] We wish you a Merry Christmas! Sincerely, the @ArtBySaint staff.
• [Website] Imrovements to the "Watch Saint Live" TV for when Saint is streaming.
• [Custom section] Various improvements for easier access.
• [Premade section] x3 New awesome Logo Designs are now available for purchase.
• [Premade section] Shop disclaimers will now be explained in separate pages.
• [Premade section] Left navigation "cleaned up", now showing 3 main sections.
• [Premade section] Premade cart moved to the bottom of the left navigation.
• [Premade section] Shop support page improvements for better user experience.
• [Premade section] Premade Emotes product preview re-designed.
• [Premade section] Premade Logos product preview re-designed.
• [Premade section] Various internal system upgrades.
• [Premade section] Premade logos are now featured in our website's front page.
• [Premade section] Fixed a bug that redirected back to index upon discount activation.
• [Premade section] Fixed a broken link to color revision request in logos & emotes sections.
• [Premade section] Fixed few other small bugs, which is always a good thing!
• [Premade section] Stream Designs product preview "cleaned up" for convenient browsing.
• [Premade section] If there's a discount active, a banner will show in it's premade section.
10/12/2017 • [Custom section] Saint's current time box added to the contact page.
• [Website] News page headers and updates dates improvements.
08/12/2017 • [Stream] Overhauled Edan's stream with new channel graphics & new features.
• [Social media] Revamped the cover photo designs on our social media (Twitter, Facebook).
• [Website] News page theme improvements + "Coming soon" list on the right tab.
• [Website] Live chat support button is deactivated, will be available again soon.
• [Website] Testimonials page will now be featured on top menu.
08/12/2017 • [Website] Front page improved with additional content about the services.
• [Custom section] Internal cart system upgrades.
• [Premade section] Improvements to 'Contact Shop Support' page.
• [Premade section] Fixed a 'use discount code' bug that redirects to index.
05/12/2017 • [Website] Front page overhauled with various visual upgrades.
• [Website] Custom services will now be featured on the front page.
• [Website] Premade services are available & accessible via top menu.
• [Custom section] Logo pricing & deals updated with the 2018 price.
• [Custom section] Professional Logo Branding is described better now.
• [Custom section] Pricing table improved with new design structure.
28/11/2017 • [Website] 'Thank you for ordering' page for placing orders revamped!
• [Website] Various system improvements.
• [Custom section] Enabled the option to create a cart for easier contacting.
• [Premade section] Black Friday deals disabled (NOV.20-NOV.25).
• [Premade section] Cyber Week deals enabled (NOV.26-NOV.30).
• [Premade section] Fixed broken link for the 'Premade Logos Color Revision' button.
24/11/2017 • [Custom section] Professional Consultancy services by Saint are now available.
• [Custom section] Animations and other part upgrades will now indicate with a "+" sign.
• [Custom section] New Service, Stream Alert: Raids.
• [Custom section] New Service, Custom Artwork - Tip Jar (StreamLabs).
• [Custom section] New Service, Custom Artwork - Jar Coin (StreamLabs).
• [Custom section] New Service, Additional Overlay Color.
• [Custom section] New Service, Animated Rotating Logo Design.
• [Custom section] Added a button that highlights Recommended Designs with a blue star.
• [Custom section] Prices will now align to the left.
• [Premade section] Black Friday sale header re-styled.
• [Premade section] Checkout form will now show your 'delivery-to' method.
• [Premade section] Premade logos and emotes sold recently will show at bottom of the list.
20/11/2017 • [Website] Brand new home page structure.
• [Website] New welcome message and service highlights at front page.
• [Website] Website header overhaul.
• [Website] Top Menu overhaul.
• [Website] Added christmas themed lights across the header.
• [Website] Customer payments pages revamped for better user experience.
• [Website] Brand new about me page with new interesting details about Saint.
19/11/2017 • [Website] Custom Made Designs information removed.
• [Website] The shop will now serve as the main page.
• [Premade section] Menu completely revamped.
• [Premade section] My Cart Management has been improved.
• [Premade section] Added level icons to indicate sub categories.
• [Premade section] Discount system improved.
• [Premade section] Design price improved.
• [Premade section] Checkout form improved.
• [Premade section] Emoticons category: product listing has improved look.
• [Premade section] Logos category: product listing has improved look.
17/11/2017 • [Website] Live chat support is available again.
• [Website] Top website menu re-organized.
• [Custom section] Contact form improvements.
• [Premade section] Various visual improvements to product checkout form.
• [Premade section] Various visual improvements to products preview pages.
• [Premade section] Left navigation re-organized.
• [Premade section] Added additional subjects to the Shop Support page.
14/11/2017 • Index page improved, added price quote form to the front.
• Various shop improvements to the structure of the shop.
• Many new changes to the product preview for easier & friendlier browsing experience.
• Pricing page completely revamped with new 2018 deals and prices, re-organized the whole custom services list.
• Brought back the contact page with the quick-contact quote form.
• Various other changes.
08/11/2017 • Custom pricing page: Added a button to expand and see the available body parts for logo concepts.
• Custom pricing page: Added an 'add to cart' button next to each logo concept upgrade.
• Custom pricing page: Various changes and visual improvements to the page.
• Header theme decorations changed from Halloween to Christmas
• Home page: added custom art examples to the front page.
• @ArtBySaint social media icons moved from index to top of the website.
• Various other changes and improvements to the website.
06/11/2017 • Premade Designs section brought to the front page.
• Custom Designs section will now show in one organized page.
19/10/2017 • Releasing our third big pre-2018 website update.
• Menu size enlarged and relocated under the menu with tooltips added underneath.
• News page linked added to the Home menu.
• Additional mobile browsing fixes and improvements.
• Website footer cleanup: now looks smaller and more convenient, disclaimer may be expanded.
• Website header cleanup: slogan added instead.
• Website code cleaning: pages will load faster.
• Custom Logo deals updated and explained better.
• Custom Pricing list updated and reorganized items.
• Custom Pricing list buttons and prices highlighted.
• TV will show up on the front page when Saint goes Live on Twitch.TV.
18/10/2017 • Releasing our second big pre-2018 website update.
• Dozens of new website theme improvements, bug fixes.
• Recreated the whole premade categories systems from the ground up.
• All premade sections are now combined in to one navigation.
• Premade Shop Delivery guide revamped.
• Premade Shop Support page has been improved and divided to subjects.
• Revamped products listing structure for better browsing experience.
• We are removing pages and big walls of text for minimal and easier customer experience.
• Various website and shop optimizations for mobile browsers + bug fixes.
• Website footer restructured.
• Improvements to loading times.
• Top menu has a new clean look.
• Added another pumpkin to the header (because why not?)
• Index has new slideshow with examples + custom price quote + premade section previews.
17/10/2017 • Releasing the first massive pre-2018 website update as a part of our upcoming business overhaul.
• New website theme (darker tone).
• New Home page.
• New About page.
• Upgraded the Pricing & Contact page and the price quote form.
• New shop structure, checkout form, product browser, disclaimer and navigation.
• Header and Menu changes to the top of the website for a compact and cleaner Cview.
• Various upgrades to premade sections.
• Website re-decorated for winter and halloween month.
• Various other back-end improvements.
• Preparations for Saint's new work galleries.
11/10/2017 • Website decorated for halloween month.
05/10/2017 • Pricing page improvements and logo deals updated.
08/09/2017 • x8 New premade emotes are now available.
07/09/2017 • Home page revamped, organized better.
• Pricing page revamped with the following:
• Recommended products are now highlighted with a star.
• Cleaned up the logo deals to make them easier to understand.
• Added few guidelines and text changes to describe the service.
• Added Saint's Timezone.
• Re-designed the price quote / inquiry box.
• Various system improvements.
• Better table spacing, various item category changes.
06/09/2017 • [Pricing Page] Logo pricing structure has been revamped, with better explanations as well.
• [Pricing Page] Logo pricing has been updated with new deals.
• [Pricing Page] You can now click on the "Add To List" button to add the design (or service) to the grocery list with it's price next to it.
02/09/2017 • Big improvements the pricint page: Logo Pricing structure has been revamped, prices updated and clicking on item names will add them to the list with the price as well (a feature that was asked for by many returning customers)
27/08/2017 • Various bug fixes and optimizations for mobile browsing.
24/08/2017 • Incorporated our Live Twitch Broadcast to the front page and the top of the website pages.
11/08/2017 • Pricing table has been improved visually, added spacing as well.
• Logo deals structure will now show in pricing list.
08/08/2017 • Fixed a bug that prevented the footer from loading properly (occured in yesterday's update).
• Various improvements to the pricing table and price quote form.
• Various bug fixes in code.
• Website font has changed.
• The ArtBySaint contact email is now shown in pricing page.
• The front page has been improved with a new structure.
• Website header is now shorter with new design.
07/08/2017 • Various improvements to the price quote form.
• Pricing table now shows the HOT (most recommended and common) designs among our customers.
• Added additional descriptions for the pricing table, reorganized the categories, added and removed various parts.
05/08/2017 • the top menu will now so the amount of premade products available in each section.
• additional useful info added to pricing table.
04/08/2017 Important note: Logo Tiers and Twitch Revamp Package had served us well for nearly 4 years,
but we are always looking to improve our deals and we feel like we want to let customers build different packages on their own.
we also believe that removing the explanation pages might help buyers understanding the business modules a bit more, since less is more.
and might assist us with developing new systems for new and returning clients while ordering new designs.
at the moment, buyers may "build a list" of what they need and request a price quote from the designer via Email or Skype using the form.

we will monitor this change in the upcoming couple of months,
if it will seem like a good move we will keep it - and if not, will bring back the old systems and improve them further.
• [Under testings] Logo Tiers are no longer shown on pricing table, there is a fixed minimum price from now on
• [Under testings] Removed the Twitch Revamp Package deal from the list, buyers can now build a brand new custom cart or package
• [Premade] Added x3 new Premade Mascot Logos to the shop
• [Premade] Premium Mascots in the logos section are now shown on top of the page
• [Premade] Few improvements to the Premade Designs Shop
• Added news page to top menu, will now show new website changes here
• Pricing page revamped for easier buyer experience
• Pricing list has been organized and we've refreshed the design names so it is easier to understand
• Various main page visual imrovements to the welcome box, now showing examples on front page and "cleaner" look
• Brought back the Add To Skype button to communicate with Saint more easily
• Various changes to menus and links for easier viewer navigation
Coming soon: new galleries for Saint's work portfolio

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18 / 01 / 2018

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  • Daily updates & improvements
  • GIF Howtos & Guides for OBS
  • Updated testimonials page
  • Whatsapp integration
  • Business department page

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