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The @ArtBySaint website has a daily maintenance routine.
We are constantly working on improving our users and website experience.
Awesome new features, deals, and premade logos are added on a regular weekly basis!
16/09/2018, Sunday
  • Website slogan adjustments.
  • Premade shop: many changes to the whole shop & products structure.
  • Various other upgrades and enhancements across all website pages.
  • New testimonial added.
  • Left navigation re-vamped!.
  • Discount code / referral box enhanced.
  • Website footer disclaimer updated.
  • Added logo examples to the top of the cart.
  • Added a fun logo animation on hover :D
  • Home page has been completely re-vamped!.
  • About page has been completely re-vamped!
  • Portfolio has been completely re-vamped!
  • Added a front page slide show with new logo examples.
  • Added more than 100 of new examples to the portfolio!
  • Commissions pricing table: added special colors to revamp plans.
  • Commissions pricing table: add to cart button improved.
  • Added main common services to the front page.
  • Improved positioning of the front page shop.
  • Left navigation menu upgraded with a cleaner structure.
  • Contact box improved with a a new structure.
  • Added "download skype" button for easy access.
  • Logo deals structure greatly improved.
  • "Begin a new project" re-designed to provide info for new customers.
  • "Commissions page" received a big overhaul.
  • "Cart" is now available on the left side.
  • Adding items to the cart will highlight them as added.
  • Many logo examples are now available when you expand logo examples.
  • Prices search buttons has it's own box .
  • Various other internal improvements.
  • Few news page enhancements.
  • Premade shop: added various enhancements to product box.
  • Premade shop: great improvements to the welcome header.
  • Various footer improvements.
  • Examples button in pricing table improved, and moved under category name.
  • Dozens of design names in prices list has been re-organized for better navigation.
  • Dozen of design names in prices list has been re-named for better understanding.
  • Expanding logo details will now show everything about the ArtBySaint logo deal.
  • Added small icons next to the channel revamp plans (twitch, mixer, youtube).
  • Famous clients roster added to the front page with some of our famous buyers.
  • Website header improvements.
  • Front page improvements.
  • Logo deals updated.
  • Front page deals updated.
  • Contact me box enhanced with a new look.
  • Added a "join discord server" option.
  • Custom commissions: contact & pricing page improvements.
  • Left menu improvements.
  • Various other bug fixes and website enhancements.
  • Testimonials updated.
  • Website completely overhauled with a new structure!
  • Brand new website header, new logo, saint's social hub.
  • Home page completely re-vamped.
  • Website footer completely re-vamped.
  • Theme loading times has been improved, especially on mobile.
  • Left menu will now follow as you scroll down for easier navigation.
  • Added noticeable "begin new project" button to the menu.
  • Various adjustments made to the front page.
  • Contact page, pricing table, cart box improved, greatly!
  • Discount box with referral details now accessible via left menu.
  • The home page is now more informative, and shows plans & deals.
  • The home page now shows the 8 recent logos instead of the full shop.
  • Support/misc menu removed from the main menu.
  • Support/misc menu is now available at the footer.
  • Weekly bonus has it's own page now, link at the footer.
  • Added informative "how does it work?" page under custom menu.
  • Added examples to custom emotes and badges page.
  • Many structure improvements added to the custom commissions page.
  • Contact page is now more direct, shows the contact methods.
  • The contact page shows the pricing table again.
  • Added "expand/hide examples" buttons to various prices categories.
  • Added examples for logos with details about font attachment service.
  • Added various upgrades and improvements to the pricing table.
  • Left menu completely re-designed and re-organized.
  • Slight adjustments to premade shop product boxes.
  • Commissions landing page cleaned up & simplified: removed many text lines.
  • Commissions emotes & badges page re-vamped.
  • Commissions cart & contact page completely re-vamped.
  • + Added the steps, contact directly box, and some guiding texts.
  • Logo deals updated and adjusted for easier planning process.
  • Various front page & footer improvements.
  • "Quick jump to category" in prices table, under custom commissions.
  • The cart box will follow as you scroll, under custom commissions.
  • Various upgrades for the planning wizard, under custom commissions.
  • Logo deals category is now explained better, under custom commissions.
  • Added new recent testimonials.
  • Testimonials page showing as empty, the bug has been fixed.
  • Greatly improved the cart page, under custom commissions.
  • Added a planning stage that explains about logos and the steps before contacting.
  • Added a dedicated page for emote & badges deals, under custom commissions.
  • Improved the buttons selection buttons, under custom commissions.
  • Added buttons for returning customer with additional info, under custom commissions.
  • Added internal categories numbering, under custom commissions.
  • Improved all texts in the new planning wizard, under custom commissions.
  • Brand new "how does it work" chart added, under custom commissions.
  • Animations stacked in to one organized category, under custom commissions.
  • New service: cheaper, affordable, scene animation upgrade, under custom commissions.
  • Weekly re-positioned.
  • Weekly bonus changed.
  • Left menu is now split to categories, and premade has it's own menu.
  • Pricing table adjustments, brand new look, reorganized categories.
  • Pricing list is now presented as a shorter version by default.
  • The full pricing list will be provided to customers during planning stage.
  • New service: cheaper, affordable, scene animation upgrade, under custom commissions.
  • Twitch Royalty Badge price updated.
  • Home page revamped: cleaner, simpler.
  • Left navigation menu revamped.
  • Added "estimated savings" to premade logos.
  • Added Edan's stream to the left menu.
  • Added quick consultation button at the home page.
  • Added weekly bonus to the left menu.
  • Added weekly bonus to the pricing table.
  • Added "upgrade" buttons to the cart building tool.
  • New system: planning wizard for custom carts.
  • New system: explained logo deals chart.
  • Prices table improvements, logo options updated.
  • Removed email from main contact methods, we hate emails.
  • Removed the news and saint's stream from the main page.
  • Premade shop disclaimer updated with useful information.
  • Premade shop color revision form improved.
  • Premade shop color revision form will show the product.
  • Maintenance notice will appear at left menu if active.
  • Many other upgrades, all over the place :)
  • x3 New premade logos are now available in saint's logo shop.
  • Custom twitch badges featured at the left menu.
  • Monthly Bonus will now be featured and updated every month.
  • New custom designs descriptions will be available next week.
  • Few internal system upgrades.
  • [Contact page] Pricing table has a brand new look & organized structure.
  • [Contact page] Tons of new awesome parts & prices added to the pricing list.
  • [Contact page] "Upgrade" icon will now show on the left side.
  • [Contact page] Animation upgrade is now shown at the end of each category.
  • [Contact page] Tons of new custom overlay types & upgrades were added.
  • * The second part of this update will be released later this week with more improvements!
  • [Premade shop] will now show details about a custom made font upgrade.
  • [Contact page] Improved logo deals, now shows premade & custom branding options.
  • [Customers section] delivery & download page greatly improved.
  • [Customers section] custom made logos planning tool greatly improved.
  • x4 Brand new premade logos are available in Saint's logos shop!
  • Upgraded & re-uploaded 3 premade logo designs with improved detail:
  • Sparthor Mascot, Spacemouse Mascot, Zombied Mascot
  • x11 New premade logos are available in Saint's logos shop!
20/07/2018 *HOTFIX
  • Fixed a bug in color revisions form, where recent submissions were empty on our end.
  • If you've submitted a revision request in the past 48 hours please retry again.
  • Premade shop products box improved with a new look.
  • Twitch Revamp Package completely revamped with a new look.
  • Referrals system has been completely re-written and upgraded.
  • Our Affiliates will now have personal discount codes with a referrals URL.
  • To become an affiliate & to get your own code, contact saint directly.
  • Saint's stream will be featured at the left menu.
  • Mixer Designs category added to custom services.
  • Logo Deals category re-adjusted & updated.
  • Customer spotlight improved.
  • Twitch revamp package page improved.
  • Premade shop now has a Facebook Like button.
  • Premade shop welcome box has a new organized look.
  • Premade shop color revision form improved.
  • Premade shop expanded disclaimer improved.
  • x5 New premium mascots are now available in sain'ts logos shop!
  • Premium mascots will carry a higher price tag as they do cost more via custom.
  • The shop will show you how much the design would've cost you via custom service.
  • PayPal logos has been added next to each product 'buy now' button.
  • Added more info to premade products disclaimers.
  • Color revision request for premade logos are now accessible using a simple form.
  • The premade shop will now show if our designers are online.
  • If our designers are online, the delivery time will be faster.
  • Home page revamped, cleaned up.
  • Twitch revamp package page revamped, deal improved.
  • Logo deals updated with new monthly deals.
  • Various other improvements.
  • Twitch Revamp Package page upgraded.
  • Logo deals updated in price table.
  • Cart system upgraded (available for customers).
  • Planning form upgraded (available for customers).
  • Twitch Revamp Packages page added, accessible from the left menu.
  • Animated examples added to the front page.
  • Various changes and upgrades to the contact page.
  • Home page improvements, service highlights, cleaner look.
  • Home page additions: recent updates & news, current server time, saint's stream.
  • Live chat button added to contact page and left menu.
  • Small left menu & footer changes.
  • Improved the look of premade designs product boxes.
  • Various other small changes :)
  • Saint's birthday discount is now over :(
  • Home page revamped with a brand new look.
  • Referral codes moved to the top header of the website and improved with a new look.
  • Premade logos and emotes price box improved.
  • Left navigation completely revamped.
  • All custom examples are now featured in one big page.
  • About Saint page revamped.
  • Testimonials page improved furthermore. Also added a bunch of new testimonials.
  • Custom commissions page now has separation lines for each step.
  • It's Saint's Birthday! � June 25
  • A discount on all premade products will be activated between June 25th and the July 1st.
  • Join Edan's stream tomorrow, there will be a giveaway! click here to follow
  • Small bug fixes, improvements, and changes to the referral codes system.
  • You can now use your referral code using the box at the left menu.
  • Premade shop in menu will now show the amount of available products.
  • Discounted premade design will now show the full price under it.
  • Customer? to get your personal discount code for your viewers, please DM us on Twitter.
  • Contact page improvements, both external and internal.
  • Home page will now show few custom examples, pricing table, and contact details.
  • Lower cost deals menu added, premade emotes and logos may be found there.
  • Support menu added.
  • Custom made logo deals updated and refreshed.
  • ArtBySaint logo improvement in header.
  • Many other upgrades were added earlier this month.
  • You can now use a discount code for a lovely discount on premade logos and emotes.
  • Contact methods at front page redesigned.
  • Scroller added to the front page premade logos shop.
  • x12 Fresh new premade logos added to the shop database!
  • More footer improvements.
  • Custom commissions page highlighted rules adjustments, contact methods box improved.
  • Custom commissions page improvements, created new structure for personal logo deals.
  • Custom pricing table has been revamped with a new look and now has better spacing.
  • Home page welcome box improvements.
  • A premade logos mini shop will now be featured at the front page.
  • Website footer improvements.
  • Minor website menu changes.
  • Minor news page adjustments.
  • Other internal website upgrades.
  • Wiped all of the past website updates from this section from the past year.
  • The news page has been revamped & re-organized.
  • ArtBySaint Tweets box added to front page next to the stream.
  • The left menu has been revamped, re-organized & improved.
  • Various changes to the front page for more organized look.
  • The contact page has been completely revamped, featuring direct contact methods only.
  • Building a cart form will only be provided during the consultancy stage.
  • Services & prices in the prices table has been re-adjusted.
  • Prices table upgraded with new services, better items order and price adjustments.
  • Logo deals box in prices table has been completely revamped for easier understanding.
  • We have finished working on a new amazing tool for project planning and price quotes.
  • Website footer revamped for a cleaner look.
  • Premade Logos shop upgraded with a new look for easier browsing experience.
  • Premade Emotes Emotes shop upgraded with a new look for easier browsing experience.

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