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Client Support

I did not receive my product yet - how long should I wait?

Please read the delivery guide before you contact us, click here

My active email address is not as my PayPal email

Nothing to worry about!
Enter your PayPal email (the one you used to checkout with), the unique transaction ID and your new active email address.
This method is meant for customers who just placed an order and would like to notify us about the address change.
It is best if you send this form right after you have placed your order.

*First NameYour first name, or the the nickname you used during checkout
*Original PayPal EmailSame one you ordered with, linked to your PayPal account
*New Active EmailThe new address we will forward to
*Unique Transaction IDThe ID for your transaction, Example: #9P22432GTF021313U

Suggesting or requesting new themes

If you ever purchased a design from the shop but couldn't find more matching parts, let us know and we will do our best to add new parts in that collection!

*Product name / collection nameThe name of the product or the collection it is a part of (For example: "Satanic")
*What other parts should we add?For example: a matching follower alert, twitch panels, an intermission scene
Email addressThat's optional, only if you want us to keep you updated once it is available for purchase.

Open Support Ticket - For any other case

Feel comfortable to manualy contact or to fill the form below for a quick reply.

*First Name
*Contact Email
*Subject or message
*Is this your first order?

Color revision request form - For a Premade Logo 

This form allows you to request a different color re-touch for a premade logo design in our online shop.
Please use this form before you order, and wait for a reply from us after we check if it will work - we will email you back with an OK to go ahead and place the order.

*Contact Email
*Logo / product name
*Desired color

The contents of this whole website may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the original creator (Edan Saint)
Any attempt to remove the @ArtBySaint watermarks from an image is expressly forbidden and is an illegal action!

  • We are not affiliated with the official Twitch.TV, YouTube, or any other official website, software or party.
  • We merely provide a quality freelance service for their users!
  • We do not claim any credit or rights over any icon that belongs to a trademark (E.g Twitch Logo, YouTube, PayPal, etc).
  • For example: if a website's icon is used in a design, a link to official website/channel will be included next to it, as fair use.
  • We do not use, resell, or redistribute images found in Google, or any other search engines in our creations - we create!
  • Fonts we use tagged as 100% allowed for use in customers projects, mostly under SIL Open Font License (OFL).
  • We do sell, redistribute, touch, or edit the actual font (and most definitely not the font software) that is used in a design.
  • Only our lead designer has access to a particular font, or software if the license holds limitations for one machine.
  • We do not claim any type of special rights or designer credit for fonts that we use in our designs.

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