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If you liked the examples in my gallery and would like to talk about a new project - contact me to plan the rest
You don't need to be artistic for the planning stage - I will do my best to guide you towards a point of understanding

Consultancy is free of charge, as the first stage is chatting about the project and you may proceed if you are comfortable with the plan

Custom Commissions Status: Accepting new custom orders today (01.16.17)
Skype is the easiest and faster way to chat with me.
A live chat makes the communication between the buyer and seller easier.

Feel comfortable to add me or to message
I will get back to you as soon as I am online to initiate the consultancy.

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Business Skype ID:GFxEddie

If you don't have Skype and don't mind taking few minutes to download and sign up:
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Remember: a person is dedicating his time to help you - It's fine if you're only interested in a price quote or hearing about details
But be serious, mature and patient... I am not impressed by profanity - avoid using foul language or trolling, my time is valuable and so is yours.

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