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About Saint

Hello visitor, and welcome to my humble website!
My name is Edan (Eddie) Saint - I am the lead designer of ArtBySaint Studio.

What can I offer? Graphics - with lots of love and passion.
The special design services I provide have a major focus on professional level branding dedicated for gamers, streamers, and content creators on Twitch, YouTube, Beam and more.

My idea is to mix the gaming world with a smart business approach that I am very experienced with.. to produce top quality designs that you will not find in other places.

So here's a little bit about me..
I am ex-military, I served three years as a military graphic designer in a special media unit.

I'm an extremely driven and ambitious graphic designer, illustrator and web developer.
With 9 years of experience in 2D graphic design, drawing and illustration.

I am very experienced with many different art styles... and working on mass of projects or busy schedule is not some thing that I am afraid of, I love the challenge and multitasking.

I've had the privilege and honor to work with well over 2500 gamers worldwide,
These clients age anywhere between 16-60 years old, both male and female gamers.
I have also worked with many different types of businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Gear & Softwares

For the perfect workflow I personally use only the best gear in the market.
Licensed Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, Sketchbook Pro, Cintiq 27QHD Pen & Touch tablet by Wacom, and many more.

Courtesy of | Click to enlarge

Personal Hobbies?

Well, I love drawing! and also, computers, playing online games, all kinds of music, sitting outside at the sun (Vitamins yo!)
I always look for opportunities to learn new interesting stuff...

I also love broadcasting on Twitch, as much as I can.
I mostly stream artwork and creative design process of what I do but due to more important things and daily work I don't get to stream that often.
Graphic design is my true passion, I find it essential in my life as if it was oxygen (deep, ain't it?).

Wait! you stream also?

Yep! and you can join and follow me on my channel.
I'm very human much like you! I used to stream on a bigger channel before, but had changed my account name and now regaining my followers back.

y u no cheap?

Well... I run a business, I'm experienced and confident in my product, and I also pay taxes!
I'm honestly doing my best to adjust my prices to younger gamers audience budgets as much as I can...
and when my customer line grows bigger, I still do my best to give each one of my customers 100% of my time.

If you look around and try to find a good balance between online market prices, and if you can appreciate the hard work of the person you hire to create for you - you will find my rates very fair and reasonable for both sides.

I truly believe in my product (my creations) and my skills,
True, there are countless designers out there, you might even find cheaper services
But eventually you get what you pay for and you also want to find the right person for that job, right?
The style and workflow I came up with is effective and unique, and you will not find that anywhere else.

The experience I carry serving more than a thousand streamers while personally making sure that everyone are satisfied, ensures that you will receive the best.

If you want to consider other factors:
We are working by the book, absorbing and paying taxes, fees, paying for licenses and using the most expensive gear out there... we're a studio doing this for living.

ArtBySaint (Also known as: SaintsArt, SaintsArtwork, GFXSaints from 2011-2016)

ArtBySaint is a professional graphic service provider for Twitch and Youtube streamers, registered as a B2C (Business to Consumer).

During our evolution our business name has changed and improved - we are previously known as GFX Saints,
This is a family business managed by two brothers, working in harmony in a small humble and cozy office (studio).

All legit, with reputation of many years

I have no doubt that nearly 10 years of learning graphic design and business management taught me a lot.

We don't pirate softwares, we don't use out-source images from search engines, we don't use designs made by others, and I personally don't like looking at other designer's work when I do mine (one could be very resourcefull with enough experience).
I have a very personal unique style same as any other designer, but mixed lots of self awareness - I can tell if a product looks professional, good, or not before I reveal it to my client.

Not all of my latest and newest work are available for public display, and my gallery reflects roughly 10% of what I have made for my own clients.
But you can pretty much know what my capabilities are by looking around the website and shop... you are looking at years of hard work both on projects and this website.

Whoever you are - thank you for reading.
I hope we can maybe work together in the near future, I hope you like what I do.

Best regards,
/Edan S.

For personal/business inqueries please use the contact page (or simply click here)
Graphic content (Art, drawings, website, portfolio, premade graphics, and client work/examples) designed by Edan Saint.
The rights for this website, and it's created content are reserved to the creator, (Edan Saint)
Special personal rights for products purchased are reserved for the customer upon purchase.
- Any attempt to remove the watermarks from a sample in this website is expressly forbidden -

Please be aware - we are not affiliated with the official, YouTube, or any other official website, software or party.
We merely provide a service for their users!

• We do not claim any credits or rights over any icon that belongs to a trademark (E.g Twitch Logo, YouTube, etc).
• For example: if a website's icon is used in a design, a link to official website/channel will be included next to it for fair use.
• We do not use, resel, or redistribute images found in Google, or any other search engines in our creations.
• We do sell, redistribute, touch, or edit the actual font (and most definitely not the font software) that is used in a design.
• We do not claim any type of special rights or designer credit for fonts that we use in our designs.
• Fonts we use tagged as 100% free for commercial use, mostly under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
• Only our lead designer has access to a particular font, or software if the license holds limitations for one machine.

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