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About me

My name is Edan (Eddie) Saint, and I am the lead designer and owner of the ArtBySaint studio.

I am a military veteran who served three years as a graphics designer.
I have over a decade (12 years) of experience with digital art, branding, and web development.

I have had the privilege to work with thousands of amazing customers worldwide,
including: gamers, individuals, men and women of all ages, and businesses on an enterprise level.

My website is all about stream graphics done with lots of love and passion.
The variety of design services that I provide have a major focus on professionalism,
Geared towards gamers, streamers, and content creators on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms.

I offer professional stream graphics services designed at the highest branding standards.
My goal is to amaze your viewers when they see my art on your channel and I guarantee quality beyond any expectations!

Utilizing my business and marketing experience I will help, mentor, and guide you during your brand creation process.
Together, we will produce top quality brand designs that will serve you throughout your streaming career.

Bear in mind that me and my staff are experienced with a countless amount of design techniques:
Doesn't matter which type of art you're looking for or for which purpose: we can make it - simply ask for a quote.

Interesting facts

• Me and my staff are born gamers and we understand gamer minds.
• I stream art creations live at my Twitch.TV Channel.
• Our studio setups are colored all red & black with obsession.
• Despite the love for red colors, our brand colors are heavenly blue.
• Our website has been in on going development for more than 5 years.
• We develop our website, our own unique apps & tools for faster workflow.
• We've developed a very professional and in depth gamer branding plan.
• I'm the one who does client consultation in our studio.
• I'm the one who does the custom commissions in our studio.
• I can personally take up to a hundred active big sized projects.
• We use the highest-end drawing gear in the market.
• I create my art on a large 27" drawing tablet.

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