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Professional Logo Design by Saint

Custom Logo Design
A brand new logo designed just for you!
Brainstorm with our designer to find an amazing concept for
your new personal logo - This professional creation is the core of your brand and will be implemented in to the other designs in your cart among with your desired NameTag attached to it
Deal Price
Styles Options
What's included?
Logo Drawing
100% Custom
NameTag Font

Random idea?
Badass Tiger
SnapBack Hat
Nickname below
Premade Logo
Buying a personal logo - the safe and easy way!
We have an amazing shop with hundreds of premade logos
Once you purchase a design - it will be removed from the shop
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Styles Options
What's included?
Emblem / Badge
Color Revision
Finished Preview

Random option?
Ninja Mascot
Lime Green
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Adding body parts to figure concepts

Adding Extra Body Parts
Extra Face Accessories
• Requirement: Face or Head structure
+$15For example: Headset, Hat, Glasses, Bandana, Mask, Necklace, Helmet, etc..
Decorative Shape or Shield
• Requirement: Face or Head structure
+$30Adds better proportions to the logo (drawing VS the NameTag width), highly recommended!
Floating Hands (Miniature)
• Requirement: Face or Head structure
+$40This adds a less-detailed cartoon hands, to "hold" or "lean" on the NameTag.
• Requirement: Face or Head structure
+$20Expanding and unlocking this portion for the drawing.
• Requirement: Neck
+$40Expanding and unlocking detailed shoulders (pauldrons, backpack, hoodie).
• Requirement: Shoulders
+$40Expanding and unlocking this portion for the drawing.
• Requirement: Arms
+$40Hands could do a certain action or posture, this is the higher detailed tier.
Chest & Torso
• Requirement: Hands
+$70Unlocks special clothing, wear-ables / gear.
Weapon + Special posture
• Requirement: Arms, Hands, Chest & Torso
+$100Unlocks Guns (Rifles, Pistols) or Melee (Spears, Swords, Orbs, Books) etc..

Estimated Price Range


• Please contact Saint for planning, details, and an accurate price quote •

Logo styles and terms

Mascot Logo
Caricature Logo
Abstract Icon Logo
Initials Badge Logo
Origami Logo
Emblem Badge Logo
Typography Font Logo
Cursive Font Logo
Calligraphy Font Logo
Graffity Font Logo
Kawaii Figure Logo
Low Poly Portrait Logo
Anime Portrait Logo
Seal Badge Logo
Outline Logo
Stamp Logo
Ornament Logo
Victorian Logo
Vintage Logo
Industrial Logo
Western Logo
Tribal shapes Logo
eSpots & Jerseys
And many more...
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